Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nothing new completed

Well, I have been knitting but haven't finished anything in the last couple of days. I started the Teddy Bear for Mother Bear Project. I hope I can figure out how to post pics on Craftster so I can post one on there. It'll be really cute.....and it will go to a needy child in Africa. I should finish it up tonight (at least seam it). I plan on making 3 of them to send all at once.

I'm about finished with the latest purse I'm making for the shop. I might run out of yarn so I'll have to grab some more. It's the novelty so I might be OK leaving it out on that part.

I'm also still working away on the Ruffles scarf. It's really really long but it's supposed to be alot longer than I plan on making it. I think it's supposed to be like 86 inches, that's like 2 of me! HA!

Hopefully next time I get on here I'll have a completed project to share.


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