Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nothing new completed

Well, I have been knitting but haven't finished anything in the last couple of days. I started the Teddy Bear for Mother Bear Project. I hope I can figure out how to post pics on Craftster so I can post one on there. It'll be really cute.....and it will go to a needy child in Africa. I should finish it up tonight (at least seam it). I plan on making 3 of them to send all at once.

I'm about finished with the latest purse I'm making for the shop. I might run out of yarn so I'll have to grab some more. It's the novelty so I might be OK leaving it out on that part.

I'm also still working away on the Ruffles scarf. It's really really long but it's supposed to be alot longer than I plan on making it. I think it's supposed to be like 86 inches, that's like 2 of me! HA!

Hopefully next time I get on here I'll have a completed project to share.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Knitted Flower Garden

Here are some knitted and felted flowers I'm going to bring to Wildflower to help decorate. They are so quick and fun to make, I have 2 more drying right now.
Knitted Flowers Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005


I successfully posted a picture, YEAH, only it was supposed to be in my profile. Oh well, at least I can post my knitting pics now.
I had a job interview today. It went well, I think I'll get it. I had to stick around since I locked my keys in the van. I'm sure I was nervous and I knew it as soon as I closed the door.
I, also worked out pretty hard today. I had alot of nervous energy to work off. I hope to go back tomorrow. So far, I haven't lost any of my "size" but am not going often enough.
Now for knitting........I finished my Ladder Scarf. It's beautiful! I'm so happy with it. I'll post pictures. Tonight I'll either work on my Cable/Lace cardi or start a new sweater. I really need to find out how to add those progress bars I see people using. I'm thinking I am limited to the things I can do with this blogger. I'll figure it out and hopefully I can stick with this one.
Ladder Scarf - close up Posted by Hello
Ladder Scarf Posted by Hello
Dad's Fathers Day Golf Club Covers Posted by Hello
Me after a rough day Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First Time

This is my first post so I have to see how this works. I'm really excited about my new blog! I can't wait to start posting pictures of my knitting. I do have about 20 projects started so I'd better find out how to put those "% done bars". Wish me luck!